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¢£Awajishima F.O.

Port Terminal Building
3F 11-1 1, Kaigan-dori
Sumoto Hyogo,JAPAN




Awaji Island is located at the south of Hyogo Prefecture, with the population of around 150,000.
This island is the largest among the islands in the Seto Inland sea.

It measures 55km from north to south,28km from east to west, around 203km of the circumstance, and 595 square kilometers in the area. and in Japan, from the sources of 'Kojiki'(A Record of Ancient Matters) and 'Nihon Shoki'. Also this island has its own myth of the creation of the country.

Awaji keeps the various traditional cultures such as 'Ningyo Joruri'(Japanese traditional puppet show) and 'Awaji Kawara'(roof tile for Japanese houses).

The production volume of the incense stick is the top of Japan. Various and abundant area resources make the Awaji island attractirve.


Awaji Island is located in the Inland Sea of Japan. The weather is comparable
with this area, with mild winters and occasional rain.

Access (Transportation)

1hour from Osaka/Kobe!!
Connecting Northern and Southern edges of the island with 2 bridges makes easy access to the Kobe and the Tokushima prefecture.

Coming to Awaji island

- JR East customer center: 078-382-8686
- JR Tohkai customer center: 050-3772-3910
- Toyota rent-a-car, Shinkobe station branch: 078-265-0100

Going out from Awaji Island- (closest Shinkansen station: ShinKobe)

- Tokyo-Shinkobe: 3hours
- Nagoya-Shinkobe: 65min.
- Kyoto-Shinkobe: 30min.
- ShinOsaka-Shinkobe: 15min
- Hakata-Shinkobe: 2hours 15min.